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Service Agreement for My League Online (MyLO)

By clicking “I Agree” you are accepting this agreement between the League of Women Voters of California (Provider) and your local or state League of Women Voters (Customer).

Description of My League Online (MyLO)

MyLO is a simple and quick way for your League to create your own website. After filling in a simple web or paper form, you can easily generate a multi-page website including a homepage and other pages (listed below). More information is available at

Services Provided
Provider offers Customer a password-protected login to the Customer website and website generation templates, to help the Customer create the site. Predefined templates include these pages:

  • Home
  • Calendar of Events
  • Elections
  • About the League
  • Voter Education
  • Action and Advocacy
  • Join the League
  • Join the League Form
  • Support the League
  • Donate Form
  • Contact Us

Undefined generic pages are available for creation of pages on additional subjects, with no limit to the total number of pages. We encourage you to upload files to your site and will work with you to ensure they are as small as possible. This helps your pages load quickly and maximizes server space. Templates are designed specifically for use by local, state, and inter-League organizations (ILOs) of the Leagues of Women Voters. The templates and universal architecture may be revised at the discretion of the Provider. Typically, this is in response to changes in technical standards, to implement feature requests from users, or involves changes to the header (logo, site name, and images across the top of the page) and the left navigation section (font, color, layout, etc.) in order to meet LWVUS branding standards. The system will maintain a site map of the pages you have created as a menu for your users. Customer data will be hosted on Provider’s server (connected to the internet) and backed up on a second server. Technical assistance is available via email at mylo [at] Help pages and videos will be available to assist the Customer and you can also seek peer support using our MyLO list serv as of September 1.

Customer agrees to accept responsibility for the content on their website. Content shall not contain any demonstrably false, slanderous, or libelous statements nor any obscene or profane language, statements, insinuations, or images.

Insurance is not included with this agreement. Customer is responsible for considering and, if desired, obtaining their own communications insurance. If you are not familiar with communications insurance, we recommend you contact a broker or attorney for further information. Generally, MyLO clients do not choose to carry this insurance.

Commencement of Services
Commencement of Services shall begin on the day the confirmation email is sent from the Provider to the Customer.

Payment for services is due prior to site activation. This payment is for the first 12 months of services.

  • Service Subscription is $400/year
  • California Leagues will continue to receive a $50 subsidy from the California State League
  • Set-up Fee: $200 (waived for LEW subscribers)
  • Content Migration Package (optional): $200 per 15 pages

Read our MyLO Product FAQ for information on all of the new MyLO features:

  • Share content! No more double entry!
  • Shared media library
  • Calendar with auto archiving
  • Password members’ only content
  • Seamless videos, photos, slideshows
  • SEO and mobile optimized
  • Social media integration

Service and Price Structure Changes
Provider may change the services and/or fees with at least 90 days prior notice to the Customer, effective on Customer’s annual renewal date, the anniversary of the set up/log in credentials sent date.

On the set up/log in credentials sent date, an invoice for the first 12 months of service is issued to the Customer’s email, and full payment is due. Thereafter, an invoice is emailed each year on this date for the following 12 months of service. Services are billed in advance.

Customer agrees to pay Provider within 30 days from the date of invoice. All fees payable to Provider shall be paid online or by check. Payment details are shown after clicking “I Agree,” below.

Late Fees and Collection Policy
If payment is not received within 30 days, the Provider will make every effort to contact the Customer via all emails listed with MyLO and via telephone.

  • If contact is made with a board member or staff of the Customer, and payment is still not received within 30 days of contact, a late fee of $20 per month, each month after this contact, will be added to invoice.
  • If contact is not made, the state League or LWVUS will be asked for assistance.

The Provider will terminate services if payment is not made within 120 days. If cash flow or administrative timelines necessitate delayed payment, the Customer is expected to notify the Provider in advance. Waiver of late fees and continuation of services is not guaranteed and is subject to advance approval.

This agreement shall commence upon the sharing of log in credentials and shall terminate 12 months from that date. Thereafter, the agreement shall automatically renew for successive 12 month periods unless either party gives the other written notice of intent to terminate and not renew at least 60 days prior to the end of the initial term or any renewal term.

Either party may terminate this agreement with at least 60 days prior notice for cancellation of services.

Refunds Mid-Year
If the Customer notifies the Provider of termination mid-contract-year, fees will not be pro-rated or refunded. If the Provider notifies the Customer of termination mid-contract-year, pro-rated fees will be refunded.


1. Save this for your records: Save a PDF to your computer.
2. Read this Service Agreement.
3. Click “I Agree” to accept this Service Agreement.
4. You will then enter your League's information on the next page.
5. You then can pay online or by check.