Bylaws Committee


Committee Contact Information

  • If you have general questions about the current LWVC bylaws, or need help with your local League's bylaws, please contact the LWVC Secretary.
  • If you have questions or comments about the revision to the LWVC bylaws, please use our committee's email bylaws (at)

What Is The Committee's Goal?

In preparation for each LWVC Convention (held in odd numbered years), this committee is appointed by the board to conduct a review of our LWVC bylaws. This committee ensures there is significant time for board, staff and member engagement and input prior to Convention, as well as clear and meaningful consideration at Convention.

What Is The Procedure?

The procedure for amending the bylaws is set forth in our bylaws. Amendments may be proposed by any local League or ILO board of directors, or by the LWVC board, for consideration at any convention (note that there is a deadline, usually in December of even-numbered years).

All proposed changes are submitted to this committee. We review proposals and make recommendations to the board for consideration in the spring of odd-numbered years. The committee then submits all proposals to delegates for consideration in the Convention Workbook as either recommended or not-recommended items (depending on the board’s consideration). At Convention, the committee presents the proposed changes, answers questions at a “Q&A” (question and answer session) and during plenary, and encourages discussion of the proposals.

To pass, the proposed amendments must receive a two-thirds vote of the delegates present and voting at the Convention. Amendments are effective upon adoption.

How Do I Submit Bylaws Amendments?

There are instructions and a bylaws amendment submission form on our members only site. Generally, submissions are due no later than December of even-numbered years.

What is the Schedule?

The schedule is fairly flexible. The committee establishes a calendar somewhat like this:

  • Through Dec/Jan - solicit and develop proposals
  • Dec/Jan/Feb - review proposals with the board
  • Feb/March - discuss proposals with the board
  • April - deadline for distribution of final proposed bylaws changes in the Final Call to Convention
  • May - invite member questions and feedback; webinars may be held
  • June - conduct business at Convention, then ensure implementation of any changes by the LWVC Secretary and staff

Who Is On The Committee?

Typically this is a small and efficient volunteer (unpaid) committee of three or perhaps four people who are members of the League from all over the state. The committee members for 2016-17 were:

Can I Be On The Committee?

Are you interested in serving? We will post a volunteer job opportunity to our site when we are actively recruiting. But you don't need to wait: express your interest to volunteer, and we may be able to find another role for you in the interim, or have you appointed mid-term. Contact our office to let us know your interest in volunteering.