Nominating Committee


If you are interested in being nominated to the state board, we strongly encourage you to get to know the LWVC and let them get to know you by volunteering with them. You can ask to take on a specific limited assignment, to serve on a task force, or even a state committee ongoing. Learn more about paid and volunteer opportunities here.

2017-19 Slate Nominating Process

The nominating committee invites and encourages every League member to consider serving on the state board of directors. The slate of officers for 2017-19 will be selected by fall of 2016, elections will be held at the LWVC Convention in May 2017, and the next two-year term begins July 1, 2017. 

Why Nominate?

Time and expertise given at the state board level is an extension of all the good work League members contribute to their local and regional Leagues. It is the next step in the progression to enable your hard work to come to fruition. When we serve, we are helping the League as a whole be the best it can be. From our beginnings we have been a grassroots organization, and our success depends on a large grassroots base to encourage informed and active participation in government. Participation will not only be an exciting and rewarding opportunity but a great contribution to the League.

  • Would a state board member be adding time to her/his already generous hours of public service? Yes.
  • Will it be worth it to her/him? Definitely, yes!
  • Can you nominate yourself, as well as others? YES!

How Can I Nominate Myself or Someone Else?

You may email the committee confidentially by emailing nominating "at" (where "at" is replaced by the @ symbol). You may also reach us via the Sacramento office. Staff will answer your questions and direct you to the nomination form, or directly to the Chair, Kathy Souza.

Who Is On The Nominating Committee?

This committee seeks active, interested persons with both specific “portfolio” skills and the ability to work well with others. We believe in creating an effective, balanced group that can assist our grass roots organization to set and implement policies which will both strengthen and move our League forward.

Committee Chair

Committee Members