Nominating Committee


The LWVC Nominating Committe Wants More Leaders In The League!

We know you want to be a part of it. That's why you're on this web page! Take the next step and volunteer at the state level. Your voice is crucial. What you bring to state leadership is invaluable; and what you bring home to your local community is priceless. Everyone is welcome.

  • If you think you’re not ready – you're ready!
  • If you think you don’t know enough – you're enough!
  • If you aren't sure you want to be a member – we want you to try out the League!

Help with a single task or event, or sign on to something long term. Work remotely or in-person. We’ll find the perfect fit for you.

“I love being part of the League — at all levels. I can see the tangible differences our work is making for all Californians. Getting to work with an amazing group of people makes all this even better.”

How Do I Volunteer With The LWVC?

What Is The LWVC Board Nominating Process?

If you are interested in being nominated to the state board, we strongly recommend you get to know the LWVC and let them get to know you by volunteering off-board first. That is why the Nominating Committee is promoting volunteering (see the sections above).

Terms are 2 years, starting in July of odd-numbered years. Although the LWVC board for 2017-19 was elected at Convention, the board does appoint board members mid-term. Please contact the Nominating Committee if you're interested in serving within the current term of 2017-2019. We recommend you review a few key policies (at the bottom of this web page) to learn a little bit more about the commitment.

Candidates for the slate of officers for 2019-21 will be reviewed by the Nominating Committee through the winter of 2018. The slate will be announced in the spring of 2019. Elections will be held at the LWVC Convention in May, 2019. The next two-year term begins July 1, 2019. 

How Do I Contact The Nominating Committee?

Email nominating "at" (where "at" is replaced by the @ symbol). You may also reach us via the Sacramento office.

Who Is On The Nominating Committee?

  • Carolina Goodman
  • Patricia Coulter
  • The Nominating Committee is eagerly pursuing additional members, particularly who represent newer League membership and unique life experience, unusual skills, and new personal networks in League.