Voting Rights Victory! Voter Registration Agreement with Covered California


Through a settlement just announced, millions of Californians who have applied for health benefits through the state health exchange, Covered California, will be mailed a voter registration card, and the opportunity to register to vote will be integrated into future applications. We're glad so many Californians are getting health insurance through Covered California; and now we can help ensure that our democracy is healthy, too!

Who made this happen?

The LWVC has worked for this with the ACLU of California, the ACLU's Voting Rights Project, Demos, and Project Vote. We're excited that Covered California will comply with the National Voter Registration Act without the need for litigation. voter registration, voting rights, covered california lawsuit, League of Women

Many eligible Californians fail to register because of lack of access and opportunity. This is a great way to improve California's voter registration rate which is one of the lowest (45th) in the country.

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Register to vote online now!

You can register to vote online now through the California Secretary of State's Office.