Annual Meeting


Event Date: 
June 8, 2019 - 9:00 am
Event Location: 
The Depot
1250 Cabrillo Ave,
Torrance, CA 90501
United States

That's Outrageous ~ Engaging Across Differences When It Matters

Join us as we hold our 57th Annual Meeting and Election of Officers at the League of Women Voters of Torrance Area!
Our speaker this year is Ashley (Trim) Labosier (MPP '09), Adjunct Professor at Pepperine School of Public Policy and Executive Director of the Davenport Institute for Public Engagement & Civic Leadership.
How can we have civil discourse in today’s age? Ideas matter, words matter, society depends on it.
"This certification comes at a time when distrust, apathy, and cynicism in government and other institutions are at an all-time high. With it, we hope to prepare leaders who can re-vitalize public involvement and help lead and inspire residents in the often-arduous work of self-government.
  • A small city that is now a booming suburb of San Francisco was a sleepy farming community just a few decades ago. Long-time residents don't want to become victims of urban sprawl, but a young workforce desperately needs affordable middle-class housing.
  • After a school shooting in a Southern California, city parents want assurance that children are safe, but no one wants a school that resembles a high-security prison complex.
  • The state of California has legalized marijuana, and one city in a relatively conservative part of the state is trying to figure out how to regulate sale and use. Some residents are ready to hop on the 420 bandwagon but most are worried about long-term implications.
The participants must have the ability to convene diverse viewpoints and interests to wrestle together with real tradeoffs. In other words, they need to engage with all the messiness of community and culture."
Ashley will take us through what the program at Pepperdine does and how we can use her ideas immediately when we walk out of the Annual Meeting.
Check in at 9:00 am
Brunch 9:30 am
Program at 10:00 am
Business meeting at 11:10 am
TICKETS: $30 members, $35 non members. 
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