Biodiversity and Carbon Sequestration


Webinar presentation by Rodolfo Dirzo
Event Date: 
April 1, 2020 - 7:00 pm
Event Location: 
Online webinar
United States

Biodiversity and Carbon Sequestration

an online talk by Stanford Professor Rodolfo Dirzo


Rodolfo Dirzo is Bing Professor in environmental science at Stanford University and senior fellow at the Woods Institute for the Environment.

Professor Dirzo and his team found that places where animals are the most diverse correlate with places that have the most carbon sequestered in the soil. Can better policies help avert biodiversity loss and its subsequent devastating impact on humanity’s life support systems? Find out what policies have been effective in staving off biodiversity loss. Professor Dirzo is also a founding member of Scientists4LessMeat, a nonprofit that helps cities across the globe reduce their meat consumption.

Sponsored by Grounded in Community.

Co-sponsors: LWV-Palo Alto, LWVC Food, Soils, and Agriculture Team, 350 Silicon Valley, Cool Planet, Cool Block, Acterra, Veggielution, and First Presbyterian Church of Palo Alto's Social Justice Committee.