LWVMC Virtual General Meeting


Event Date: 
September 9, 2020 - 12:00 pm
Event Location: 
United States

LWVMC Virtual General Meeting. "Monterey County Elections in the time of COVID"

Claudio Valenzuela, Monterey County Registrar of Voters, will speak at the September virtual general meeting about local preparations for the November 3 presidential election.

Following state directives, every registered voter will receive a vote-by-mail ballot.  Early voting centers will be open in Salinas and the Monterey Peninsula at least four days (Oct. 31) before Election Day.  In addition the traditional polling places will operate on Election Day (Nov. 3).

Challenges include timely handling of vote-by-mail ballots, insuring the safety of voters and staff at the in-person voting locations, and combating a lot of confusion caused by stories about voting in other states.

Mr. Valenzuela's talk will be recorded and posted on the LWVMC web site

The General Meeting will begin at 12:00 pm. Our speaker will speak at 12:15 pm.  Since this might be a new experience, we will open the Zoom session at 11:45 am so you can check in, test your audio, see people's faces, be assured your Internet connection is solid.

Zoom Mechanics  The general meeting, presentation, and question-and-answer period will be viewed over the Zoom platform. Viewers will need to register beforehand.  Registration is at no cost.

On Wed. September 2 an e-mail will be sent to all members listed in the [LWV MryCo] contact list with instructions how to register and how to view the event.

Not on the E-mail List?  If you are a League member and not on the contact list, you can still participate by sending an e-mail to LWVmryco [at] gmail.com and request an invitation.  How do you know if you are not on the contact list?  You are not on the list if you have not received several e-mails in August with a subject line that begins [LWV MryCo] and contain appeals to work at the election polls or distribute the Easy Voter Guide.

Open to Public This Zoom meeting is open to the public at no cost.  Anyone interested should send a message to LWVmryco@gmail requesting an invitation.



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