Questions about Immigration? Let's find Answers!


Event Date: 
January 12, 2019 - 10:00 am
Event Location: 
Mission Valley Library
2123 Fenton Parkway
San Diego, CA 92108
United States

What’s the status of DACA recipients? Are deported veterans getting VA benefits? Should they be allowed to come back to the U.S.? Why is the U.S. reducing the number of refugees and asylum seekers it allows into the U.S.? How can we keep track of people waiting for immigration court hearings without putting them in detention centers? Should asylum-seeking families and children be allowed to live with friends and relatives? What’s the status of the border wall?

These are some of the topics which we will discuss at our next Meet Up. We criticize the U.S. government (Department of Homeland Security including Immigration and Customs Enforcement/ICE, Border Patrol, Department of Justice, the President) about its

decisions to limit immigration. So let’s also suggest ways to address the flow of immigrants in a humane way. Once we do, the Immigration and Deportation Committee of the League of Women Voters, San Diego will take these ideas to our state and federal representatives in Congress and the Legislature.

We’ll start with an introduction and brief overview of current immigration law where Lisa Lopez, Esq. will speak to the group before we start table discussions. We will then break into the following table discussion groups led by a member of the Immigration and Deportation Committee:

  • Protecting the Border
  • Asylum Seekers
  • H-1B Visa Workers
  • Deported Veterans
  • People Who Overstay their Visas
  • Children & Families Seeking Asylum
  • Refugees

At the end of the meeting, we will listen to each table's recommendations and hopefully come up with better solutions.


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