YES on 15: Schools & Communities First virtual rally


Event Date: 
September 9, 2020 - 5:30 pm
Event Location: 
United States

Join us for a virtual mobilization rally to help pass Proposition 15 on the November 3 ballot. Sign up to join the rally here.

Prop 15 closes commercial property tax loopholes that big corporations and wealthy investors use to avoid paying their fair share of property taxes. Prop 15 is a fair and balanced reform that:

  • Closes property tax loopholes benefiting wealthy corporations.
  • Cuts small business taxes.
  • Reclaims billions every year to invest in our schools and local communities.
  • Exempts homeowners, renters, small businesses and agricultural land so they continue to be protected by Prop 13.
  • Prioritizes transparency and accountability by requiring public disclosure of all new revenues and how they are spent.

Just 10% of California’s most expensive nonresidential commercial properties account for 92% of Prop 15’s revenues derived from closing these loopholes. For more information about Prop 15, please visit the following websites: and Evolve California.

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