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Welcome to the My League Online (MyLO) info page. My League Online is a Drupal based website platform that harnesses current technology tools for easy content sharing, syndication, accessibility, and mobile viewing essential to drive traffic and increase engagement for your League. 

What does MyLO cost?  

  • Service Subscription is $400/year
  • California Leagues will continue to receive a $50 subsidy from the California State League
  • Set-up Fee: $200 (waived for LEW subscribers)
  • Content Migration Package (optional): $200 for 15 pages (2 PDFs per page only current events)

Ready to sign up for MyLO?

  1. Sign your MOU and pay online now!

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  3. Check out our MyLO Quick Start Guide

  4. View our documentation and video help

Have more questions? Watch our webinars!  (NOTE, some videos must be fast forwarded to get to the official start)


-Watch the August 23 MyLO webinar

-Watch the August 30 MyLO webinar

-Watch our September Office Hours Session on web forms, pages and more.

-Watch our October Office Hours Session

-Watch our November Office Hours session on 11/20
Domain name redirect vs. masking vs. rewrite
9:13 am - Changing where the donate button goes
9:24 am - Working with the sidebar content (by adding a Join button)
9:32 am - Editing embed code (with the intent of centering items, also includes mention and demonstration of semantic markup)
9:41 am - Working with the main image and embedding images in your content body

-Watch the January 4 MyLO webinar

Embed code, PDFs, Google Calendar

-Watch the January 17 MyLO webinar


-Already using MyLO?
Join us for our next MyLO Office Hours Q & A Session on July 10 or July 18 . Register now

Questions? Need help?

Send us a message at lwvc [at] 


Read our MyLO Product FAQ for information on all of the new MyLO features:

    Share content! No more double entry!
    Shared media library
    Calendar with auto archiving
    Password members’ only content
    Seamless videos, photos, slideshows
    SEO and mobile optimized
    Social media integration

League Easy Web Update!

LEW is not going anywhere:  Your current LEW system ( will continue to be available on the existing platform for the foreseeable future. 

The cost of LEW:  In our July 1, 2016 update, we notified you that the current LEW price ($100 one-time setup fee and $200 annually) is available for new subscribers and renewals due on or before June 30, 2017. As of July 1, 2017, the price for LEW will increase to ($100 one-time set-up fee and $250 annually for all subscribers).  


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