Change the Rules


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We need your help. For months, we’ve witnessed growing anti-government rhetoric in the media and in our public discourse.  Accusations of “rigged elections” and “inherent corruption in our political process” have become commonplace. For many, memes have replaced journalism and threats and insults have replaced political debate.   

The challenges ahead of us are not for the faint of heart, but we are ready. We hope you will STAND WITH THE LEAGUE to support and defend all Californians regardless of their gender or race, regardless of how they worship or whom they love.  

The League is not an end in itself. We are a training ground for democracy.  That is what we have always been and that is what we will always be.  

You can change the rules! This year alone, 25 of the bills we supported made it to the Governor’s desk and 19 of those—from climate change to voting rights—were signed and will become California law.   


Helen L. Hutchsion, President
League of Women Voters of California

P.S. We’re in this for the long haul. If you can, please consider becoming a monthly donor—your ongoing support makes a world of difference