Last-Minute Tips to Help Voters Get Ready for the California Primary


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Sacramento, CA - Only five days left until Election Day on June 5!  Voter’s Edge California, the best source of online voting information in the state, is offering last-minute tips to provide voters with unbiased information on candidates and ballot measures so they can vote with confidence on Election Day.

  1. View your ballot! Voters simply type in their address to see a personalized page with the contests on their ballot, endorsements, top contributors, news articles, videos, and more.
  2. Mark your choices! Email or print your choices, and bring them with you to the polls or vote center on or before Election Day. You do not have to vote on everything for your vote to count!
  3. If you vote by mail, make sure you sign your ballot neatly and use the correct postage! You can also drop it off at a local polling place or vote center, which you can find on Voter’s Edge.

NEW! Easily View Endorsements Across Candidates and Ballot Measures

  • Voter's Edge users can now click on any endorsement to see which other candidates and statewide ballot measures have been endorsed by the same individual or organization.

Where does this information come from? Candidate endorsements are submitted by the candidates themselves, and ballot measure endorsements are researched by Voter's Edge. 

NEW! Ballot Overview Redesign Makes Viewing Candidates and Ballot Measures Easier

Recent improvements to our overview page make it even easier to access information on candidates and ballot measures:

  • Candidate photos make the experience more visually engaging.
  • Text summaries for local and statewide measures help users tell them apart instantly.
  • New tabs make it easy to switch between candidates and ballot measures any time.

Voter's Edge California offers free partnerships to community organizations interested in expanding local and state election information in their communities, as well as free embeddable ballot lookup tools that can be added to any website. For more information on partnering with Voter's Edge California, contact Elizabeth Leslie at eleslie [at] or 916-442-7215.

Voter's Edge was used by more than 1.8 million Californians in 2016, with more than 100,000 people viewing the Spanish-language version of the voter guide. 91 percent of surveyed users reported that Voter's Edge made them feel more confident about making the right choices on Election Day, and 93 percent of respondents reported feeling more knowledgeable about the candidates and initiatives on their ballots after using the site. Voter's Edge also had a significant impact on users' voting behavior in down-ballot state and local races—something that is especially vital in non-presidential elections, where turnout is often low due to a lack of readily available information.

About Voter's Edge
Voter’s Edge California is a joint project of MapLight and the League of Women Voters of California Education Fund made possible by generous support from the James Irvine Foundation, the Kaphan Foundation, and the Silicon Valley Community Foundation.