Letter to the editor: State’s finances, Yes on Prop 55


Yes on Prop 55 Image of facts

When discussing why we need to maintain the current income tax rates on the wealthiest, it’s important to talk about what is at stake.

California is just beginning to move toward financial stability and adequate funding for all the services we want from our government. Vital services cut during the recession are just beginning to be restored. Public education, which lost more than $50 billion, is still not at its pre-recession funding level. If we don’t do anything, schools will lose up to $4 billion in funding and our state will face a deficit of nearly $4 billion. This means that we’ll have to start making cuts again.

Without Proposition 55, we risk going back to the days of thousands of pink slips for teachers, huge budget holes for our health care programs and massive budget cuts that hurt middle-class Californians.

Vote YES on Proposition 55!

Helen L. Hutchison, Sacramento