Replace Unfair, Unsafe, and Wasteful Money Bail with a System Based on Public Safety


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Sacramento, CA -- California’s Secretary of State officially assigned a number to the November 3rd ballot measure that would end the predatory and unfair money bail system and replace it with a system that prioritizes public safety, flight risk, and justice. The #EndMoneyBail campaign, urging Californians to vote YES on Proposition 25, released the following statement from spokesman Jonathan Underland:

“The money bail system wastes $5 million dollars every day by unfairly forcing people to wait in jail for their day in court - just because they can’t afford to buy their freedom. By voting YES on Prop 25 at the ballot in November, voters can put California at the forefront of a national movement to root out discrimination and unfairness in our justice system by replacing a bail system based on wealth with a system focused on safety and justice for all.”

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