Staff's Top 5 Hobbies While We Shelter In Place


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It has been a struggle for many of us while we shelter in place. Our world has changed economically, emotionally, and physically. As we adjust to the “new norm,” many of us have taken on hobbies -- some new and some old. It just goes to show you that it’s never too late to learn new things!


  1. Skateboarding.  I refuse to accept that I am too old for this. 
  2. Sewing masks
  3. Attempting (and failing) to make Tik Tok videos with my kids
  4. Teaching the dog new ways to be a good boy
  5. Relentlessly reading infuriating politics on Twitter. 
    Self imposing Twitter moratoriums for my sanity, and immediately breaking them to go back to reading infuriating politics on Twitter.



  1. Crocheting & knitting 
  2. Sewing masks
  3. Baking with my daughter   
  4. Watching romantic comedies
  5. Creating house plans and designing the interior (yeah, that’s a thing!)


  1. Hiking 
  2. Gardening 
  3. Watch more tv series
  4. Organizing the house more often
  5. Do more bbqs at the backyard


  1. Caring for our foster puppy Honeydew
  2. Running in my neighborhood
  3. Tending our victory garden  
  4. Swimming
  5. Online university classes


  1. Knock-off Peloton biking. Just started this. Essential due to hobbies 2 and 3
  2. Cheese shopping.
  3. Eating. Full sleeves of Oreos, frozen Trader Joe’s, whatever – I haven’t baked since the kids went to college. 
  4. Middle of the night news consumption and panic buying of medical and safety supplies for far-flung loved ones. It’s my love language.
  5. Escape through socially-distanced hiking and reading fiction.


  1. Reading
  2. Running/jogging
  3. Podcasts - Slow Burn is currently on deck 
  4. NYT mini crossword puzzles
  5. Tiger King (finished now, but it was great entertainment while it lasted)


  1. Running and walking through the neighborhood
  2. Baking (banana bread and brownies, nothing fancy) 
  3. Hiking where the crowds aren't out of control
  4. Playing video games (Animal Crossing is my second home)
  5. Listening to audiobooks (right now I’m on the Wheel of Time series)


  1. Playing video games (I’m in between games right now)
  2. Walking around my neighborhood
  3. TV show binge watching, specifically cooking and “restaurant rescue” shows 
  4. Playing pool - we are lucky enough to have a table at home
  5. Making all delicious things with masa!