A Victory for Our Climate - Governor Brown signs SB 100!


SB 100, climate change, Kevin deLeon, California, League of Women Voters, zero carbon emissions

UPDATE: Governor Brown signed SB 100 (De León) "Enact 100 Percent Renewable and Zero-Carbon Electricity Policy"! Read more.

Last week SB 100 passed the Assembly late in the day on August 28 with a vote of 44 Yea, 33 No, and 3 abstentions. The first vote in the early afternoon only reached 39 yea votes, but a majority of the 80 members of the Assembly (41 votes) was needed to pass. It was opened again for votes later in the afternoon, and with intense lobbying from the LWV and many others, the vote swung to a majority and a pass.

The bill was voted for concurrence at the Senate on August 29 and passed by a vote of 25 Yea, 13 No (there are 40 members in the Senate) and now will go to the Governor. Congratulations to all those who worked so hard to get this measure to pass. Read our letter!

Find out now how you can get involved in California climate change advocacy.