Voting is getting easier in CA! Visit the new Voters Choice California website


Voter's Choice California website launch

We’re excited to be part of, preparing voters for big changes ahead under the Voters Choice Act. Voter’s Choice California (VCC) launched it's public website which includes public education information about California’s Voter’s Choice Act as well as several tools for election officials and community leaders.

Are you a Sacramento, San Mateo, Napa, or Nevada County voter? Find out how voting is changing in your county:

Want to prepare your community for big voting changes in 2018? Check out the new effort from VCC:

Our audience includes:

  • Election officials
  • Community leaders and other potential partners in participating counties
  • Organizations that conduct voter outreach and education, and
  • Non-profit and public sector leaders in related fields.

Send us feedback about the new website to lwvc at lwvc dot org!