Smart Growth


The Issue

As cities in California continue to grow in population and in jobs, challenges increase to meet that growth with smart planning. This includes planning for the future with land use, housing, transportation, energy efficiency, and infrastructure while also assessing risk from the impact of climate change (clean water, wildfires, sustainability, etc.). Smart Growth in California is about implementing policy that will manage California’s resources to accommodate growth while also addressing and preparing for climate change.

What We Can Do

Municipalities create Climate Action Plans to ensure that smart growth is included in local and regional planning (e.g. Alameda County’s CAP). Additionally, cities can include in their CAP a goal of becoming a Resilient City (like Berkeley, Los Angeles, Oakland, and San Francisco).

Who’s Working on It

  • Transportation: Los Angeles and San Jose-Santa Clara.
  • Energy Efficiency: Santa Barbara, Santa Monica, Berkeley/Albany/Emeryville, Claremont, and Pasadena
  • Climate Action Plans: Marin County, Berkeley/Albany/Emeryville, Claremont, San Diego, and San Jose-Santa Clara.