Initiative & Referendum Study

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Issues Referenced in Study: 

Initiative and Referendum

Positions Referenced by the Study

Initiative and Referendum Process Update Study

Studies are a wonderful way to learn more about important issues, the League, your community, and your own values.

In accordance with the approval of delegates at Convention 2011, the LWVC is undertaking an update study of the Initiative and Referendum Process in California. Members of the committee are responsible for developing study scope, timeline and budget; providing study materials and consensus questions; preparing community education materials on the initiative and referendum process in California; participating in reviewing/tabulating all of the responses submitted by participating Leagues; and based on those responses, recommending position language to the Board.

Newsletter and Web Site Articles for Your Use

Study Materials

Meeting Handouts

Other Material

  • A sample letter you can use to let legislators and their staff know about the study, and invite them to join you
  • A statement by the LWV Minnesota opposing initiative and referendum in their state; this can be used as a good summary of the arguments against initiative and referendum

Book Club in a Box

Weekly Emails

These are Email messages that the LWV North County San Diego is sending to their members as background material for the I&R Update Study. Local Leagues are welcome to use these, adapting them as appropriate, to help your members prepare for the consensus discussions.

Materials from Past LWVC Studies

LWVC members studied the initiative and referendum process twice in the past:

Additional Study Materials

Workshop Handouts from LWVC Leadership Council 2012

Contacts for the Study

The LWVC Initiative and Referendum Study Committee can be contacted at irstudy [at] lwvc [dot] org.

The members of the study committee are:

  • Natalya DeRobertis-Theye, LWV San Francisco
  • Wanda Ginner, LWV South San Mateo County
  • Amy Hjerstedt, LWV San Diego
  • Barbara Inatsugu, LWV Santa Monica
  • Xandra Kayden, LWV Los Angeles
  • Joyce Tavrow, LWV Palo Alto
  • Mary Thompson, LWV North County San Diego
  • Helen Hutchison, LWVC Board Liaison