ACTION ALERT! Urge the Governor to Strengthen Our Democracy - Sign Our Three Bills


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It’s been an action packed few weeks at the Capitol, and thanks to you, THREE vital bills are now on the Governor’s desk. Help us secure these three signatures and pass these bills!

Once you take action on the first bill, SB 139, we'll redirect you to the next two bills so that you can take action on all three. Once signed, these sweeping reforms will:

  • Create independent redistricting commissions in large counties (the People’s Maps Act, SB 139)
  • Require common sense redistricting criteria for local governments (the Fair Maps Act, AB 849)
  • Implement Election Day Registration in every polling location in the state (SB 72)

Act now and tell Governor Newsom to say YES to redistricting by and for the people, inclusive voting laws, and a stronger and more representative democracy!