TAKE ACTION: fight unlimited spending in local California elections


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Are you disgusted by the influence of big money in politics? Did you know that in most California local elections, there are no limits on the size of campaign contributions to candidates?
Tell your Assembly Member to support AB 1089 to end unlimited money in our local elections!
California is one of only four states that limit campaign contributions to state candidates, but not local candidates. And in about two-thirds of counties and a whopping 78 percent of our cities, wealthy special interests can give unlimited amounts of money to candidates. In some cases, a candidate for local office has taken $100,000—or even more—from a single wealthy donor. That's outrageous!
AB 1089 would safeguard democracy by ending that local loophole. It provides a general contribution cap to stop the worst abuses, while respecting the autonomy of our counties, cities, and districts to set their own limits tailored to their communities' needs.
Helen Hutchison
Helen Hutchison
President, LWVC
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