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Legislation to repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA) was introduced last week. The new bill, developed in secret and being rushed to passage, will rip apart our healthcare and revoke coverage for millions of Americans. Urge your Representative to stand up for American Families and oppose the new American Health Care Act!

We don't need a system that:

  • increases costs for seniors and those with pre-existing conditions
  • slashes assistance for lower-income households in obtaining coverage
  • threatens women's health by defunding essential care.

The only winners under this new legislation are the wealthiest Americans. Hundreds of billions in tax breaks will go to the wealthy and the pharmaceutical and insurance industries.
Stand with the League today and tell Congress that offering weaker protections for fewer people at a much higher cost is unacceptable. Donate now to keep up the fight.

Helen Hutchison

Helen Hutchison
President, LWVC

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