VICTORY! Thank you for telling your Senator to protect immigrant families


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Over 10 million immigrants live and work in California. They are our family, our friends, and our co-workers. In recent weeks federal agents have taken actions to detain and deport our law abiding neighbors while tearing families apart.    

On April 3, the Senate will vote to create landmark protections for immigrant families living in California. Tell your Senator to vote YES on the California Values Act! This bill will:

  • Prevent state and local law enforcement from acting as federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents to detain and deport immigrants

  • Ensure state and local governments do not send data to the federal government for immigration purposes

  • Make certain our schools, hospitals, and courthouses remain safe and accessible to all Californians.

This vote is going to be close. Tell your Senators to vote YES on SB 54, the California Values Act!

Stand with the League! We won’t stand for families being torn apart.


Helen Hutchison
President, LWVC

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