Vote Yes on Prop 72 - Property taxation: new construction: rain water capture system


This measure would allow an exclusion from additional property taxes for construction or installation of rain water capture systems.  These systems capture, store, and use otherwise wasted rain water for landscape irrigation and similar uses, saving more conventional water for personal use.  With traditional water sources becoming less dependable, this is one more way we can diversify sources of usable water.

Vote YES on Prop 72.

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To promote a better understanding of California’s water issues and complexities, we offer background on California’s water resources, the demands on these resources, and the state’s current approach to water management.
Voters are likely to be faced with more large water bonds in future elections. Yet making informed decisions on these investments in managing California’s water resources are difficult given unclear answers to key questions such as:
• How should limited and unpredictable supplies be allocated among competing demands?
• Who is responsible and accountable for managing water supplies and quality?
• How much will it cost to ensure safe and reliable supplies for the public and environment?
• Who should pay?