If You've Moved


Note: Did you miss the voter registration deadline? You can still register and vote using conditional voter registration.

Also, if you live in the counties of: San Mateo, Napa, Nevada, Sacramento, or Madera - you have new ways to vote and register and vote on the same day.

It is important to update your voter registration when you move by re-registering to vote. The post office does not forward voter information.

I moved within the same county:

  • If you moved within 14 days before the election you can vote at the polling place for your old address.
  • You may vote a provisional ballot at your new polling place or at the county elections office. You will need to fill out a written confirmation that you’re eligible to vote and registered in the county where you’re voting.
  • If you moved to an address that is assigned to the same polling location as your old address, then no matter when you moved you may vote at that location. However, you must confirm your change of address at the polling place.
  • Find your polling place by entering your address on Voter's Edge.