Contact LWV of California

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Mailing address:
League of Women Voters of California, 
1107 Ninth Street, Suite 300 
Sacramento, CA 95814-3608

Tollfree (888) 870-VOTE (8683)
Phone: (916) 442-7215
Fax: (916) 442-7362

Specific State Leaders

LWVC board, staff, and committees  are all listed below. Just add "" to the end, after the @ sign.

  • Advocacy: advocacy@
  • Executive Director: ed@
  • General information and the office: lwvc@
  • Nominating Committee: nominating@
  • President: president@
  • Treasurer: treasurer@
  • Voter Service: voterservice@
  • Webmaster: web@

Local Leagues

Just enter your zip code and how wide you'd like the search results to be to find the League nearest you.

You can also look Leagues up on a map or organized in an easy-to-print list by county.

National Leaders

We recommend you read this guide to contacting LWVUS staff and then visit this LWVUS Contact Us page.

Or Fill Out This Form to Email Us: