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"While homelessness is not just a housing problem, it is always a housing problem."

The housing crisis is crushing California communities, driving families into homelessness and forcing them to choose between housing, food, and medical care. Today over 1.7 million families are paying over half of their incomes for housing. Nobody should go broke or hungry just to keep a roof over their head. Your Assembly Member is preparing to vote on an important housing package that will begin tackling this crisis. Please take a minute to urge your lawmakers to support affordable housing and vote YES on SB 2 and SB 3.

Action Alert
Tell your Assembly Member: Yes on SB 10

46,000 Californians are sitting in county jail right now simply because they cannot make bail. While wealthy defendants can easily secure their own release, poor defendants cannot. SB 10 seeks to fix this broken bail system that penalizes the poor and does little to protect the public. Tell your Assembly Member to fix our broken bail system and vote YES on SB 10!

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With strong support from Governor Brown, legislators from both parties joined together to pass AB 398 last week, extending California’s cap and trade program until 2030.