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About Us

The League of Women Voters of California is a 501(c) 4 grassroots membership nonprofit working to build a more equitable California for all who live here.  We are a nonpartisan organization, which means that we do not support or oppose candidates or political parties.  However, we are a political organization and we work to engage all Californians in acting on the issues that matter to them, to build political power and voice in communities historically underrepresented in the halls of government, to enact solutions to some of the biggest challenges facing our state, and to drive every eligible voter to cast their ballot.  We are an intersectional, inclusive, and multi-issue organization.

We have a powerful member based network of over 60 local, grassroots Leagues across the state who work on local issues, develop and train local civic leaders, and organize around critical policy and social issues.  We use an integrated voter engagement model, which research shows is one of the best ways to increase voter turnout and civic participation. Integrated Voter Engagement means that we work on the ground in our communities year round to engage people in issues and advocacy, and do not just reach out to our communities leading up to elections.  But we ramp up our efforts in election years to fully engage people to turn out, vote, and use their power.

Our sister 501(c)3 organization, the League of Women Voters of California Education Fund is fully focused on countering mis/disinformation, community education, voter engagement, and closing the voter/civic participation gap in California.

Our Mission

Empowering Voters. Defending Democracy.


We envision a democracy where every person has the desire, the right, the knowledge, and the confidence to participate. 

Our Foundational Principles


The League shall not support or oppose any political party or any candidate.


Discrimination or harassment of any kind will not be accepted within the League, including but not limited to race, socio-economic status, age, ability status, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, gender identity, or marital status. The League is committed to fostering, cultivating, and preserving a culture of diversity, equity, inclusion, access, and belonging for all people. The League is an organization that respects and values the richness of our community and our members. The collective sum of our individual differences and life experiences represents not only our culture, but our reputation and the organization’s mission and achievements as well.


Be the change. League members across the country, the state, and in local communities are driving change, building a democracy for people not politicians, engaging voters, and fighting for equity for all people. Protecting our democracy and working for justice will take every one of us – and there is a home in the League for everyone. We welcome all people who share our vision for a more equitable California for all.

Join the League, and you will:

  • Be at the forefront of moving forward justice and equity in our state;
  • Have the opportunity to work in community on issues that matter to YOU;
  • Be a leader in building a better democracy for all people;
  • Ensure ALL votes are counted and ALL voices are heard;
  • Be a member of the local, state and national Leagues;
  • Know that your support adds to our grassroots strength, our political power, our influence, and our financial resources to make progress.

Want to start a league in your community?

Interested in starting a League near you? Contact us for help starting a League in your community today!

Contact Us

Have a question? Need help? Call us at 916-442-7215 or send us a message today.


Donations made to the League of Women Voters of California General Fund are not tax-deductible. Donations to our Education Fund are tax-deductible.