California state capitol building with flags waving in front

Our Legislative Work

Advocacy & Progress

In a given two-year legislative cycle, the LWVC will take positions on, and advocate for 150+ bills. These are generally in our key issue areas, but sometimes in other emergent areas that also align with our positions.

Our local Leagues across the state are also working hard to ensure that the good legislation that we get passed actually gets implemented at the local level. The League serves as a watchdog to make sure that government is accountable and transparent, and that policies are properly implemented to benefit our communities.

We are always working to build a better California for all.

Current Legislation

The best way to see what legislation we are working on at a given time, is to check out our Bill Status Report. The Bill Status Report lets you know what bills we have taken positions on, in what issue areas, our position, and you can read the letters we have sent on each bill. It’s a great way to get into the details on our legislative work in real time.

To learn more about past legislation, check out our legislative archive!