Join the League of Women Voters

Be the change. League members across the country, the state, and in local communities are driving change, building a democracy for people not politicians, engaging voters, and fighting for equity for all people. Protecting our democracy and working for justice will take every one of us – and there is a home in the League for everyone. We welcome all people who share our vision for a thriving, inclusive democracy and a more equitable California for all.

I am a League Member because I want to show low-income communities of color, immigrants, and particularly little brown girls that Democracy looks like them. We are redesigning systems to be more inclusive, responsive, and participatory for all.

Alejandra Ramirez Zarate

I am a League member because I want to support the work the League does to ensure everyone is represented in our democracy. The League is a trusted voice in my community and by being an active volunteer, I help educate voters about issues that matter to them (and to me)! As a bonus, I get to hang out with other League members who are some of the most dedicated, smart, and cool people I know.

Lorrel Plimier

I am a League member because I get to be part of discovering local solutions for the issues that my community faces, and the education and advocacy that allows those solutions to take root. My actions and engagement with the League gives me agency.

Ashley Raveche

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