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Ballot Recommendations

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We take positions on ballot measures based on current program positions and/or on League Principles. Positions are developed based on member study and consensus. We have many positions, and many opportunities to act, so how does our board determine when to take action on statewide ballot measures, and on which items?

Learn how we decided to make these recommendations.

Rainy Day Fund--State Budget Reserves--The LWVC supports Prop 2 because it takes an important step toward fiscal discipline in our state government. It requires the state to make...


Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act--Prop 47 will ensure that prison spending is focused on violent and serious offenses and will maximize alternatives for non-serious, nonviolent...

No Recommendation on the Other Measures on This Ballot


Water Bond--The LWVC could enthusiastically support many of the projects funded by Prop 1, such as the cleanup and prevention of polluted groundwater; drinking and wastewater...