Building Electrification


The Issue

SB 100, which passed in 2018 (with strong support from LWVC), requires 100% of California’s electric sources be zero carbon by 2045. Therefore, by 2045, if we convert to all electric for our energy needs, we will effectively reduce energy emissions to zero. But we have a long way to go. Most transportation is still fueled by gasoline and diesel, and buildings use natural gas as well as electricity.  We need to change those to electric.

What We Can Do

Education is needed on what is involved in electrifying your home or buildings, e.g. possibility of needing service upgrades and education on alternative methods of heating (like heat pumps). Also useful are, comparison of electric vehicles or transportation alternatives, and lobbying municipal, county and regional governments on the need.

Who’s Working on It

The League of Berkeley-Albany-Emeryville has been working on promoting building efficiency for years and is now specifically educating on how to move to an all-electric community. Other Leagues working to reach net-zero energy, working on building efficiency and sustainability are the Leagues of Claremont, Santa Barbara, Pasadena, and Santa Monica.