Climate Change Task Force


The Task Force has support for you. Would you like to have a discussion group or form a team on climate change? Host or co-host an event? Educate your members or the public? Learn what other Leagues are doing? Let us help! Contact us today at climatechange [at]!

Take Action Locally

Schedule a Local Event: The Climate Change Task Force will help you set up an event or presentation on climate change. The Task Force can help with contacts to other organizations, to find speakers, and to organize the event. Here are some options:

  • A regional presentation joint with other local leagues,
  • A panel discussion with many points of view and/or with several organizations,
  • A local talk focused on a topic of local interest (e.g. sea level rise in Humboldt, agricultural changes in the Central Valley, forest effects in the foothills).

Form a Discussion Group or Team on Climate Change: A discussion group can be the beginning of a Climate Change Team. Examples of topics:

  • A series of short talks by Lawrence Berkeley National Lab scientists to view separately and then discuss
  • Review possible climate solutions from Drawdown by Paul Hawken
  • Current legislation, city or county council issues and actions on climate change
  • Review of local actions on climate change proposed by the California Air Resources Board and choose among them for your local focus

What California Leagues Are Doing

Many Leagues across the state are pursuing one or more areas of climate change action. Primary areas of interest are:
  • Municipal climate action plans
  • Climate change education     
  • Natural lands, Agriculture, Carbon sequestration in soil and plants
  • Sea level rise
  • Energy efficiency, Sustainability, Resilient cities
  • Smart growth


Education needs to be engaging, with emphasis on local effects and actions. We are just beginning our work to put together education materials and plans specific to different California areas and issues. Meanwhile, use this excellent compilation of resources for education, including webinars, handouts, talks, tips for communication, and more.

Recently Past Recorded Events

Recordings, slides, and handouts are available at the links provided below. 

  • Effective Action in Advocating for Price on Carbon link
  • You Can Make a Difference! Five Simple Actions to Reduce Emissions link
  • Soil Health for Carbon Sequestration in the Face of Climate Change link
  • California Cap and Trade - An Introduction link
  • Utility Users Tax, or How to Bring Carbon Pricing to Your City link
  • Food Production and Greenhouse Gases: Counting Carb Emissions link
  • Beyond Fossil Fuels: Taking Action See recording of the panel discussion and Q&A in Part 1 and Part 2.

Get Connected

To be part of the email discussion group for LWVC Climate Change, email us at climatechange [at] and we’ll put you on the list.


  • Drawdown: 100 solutions to reduce global warming
  • Clean Energy Progress: Use this interactive map to see investment and number of jobs and projects for solar, wind, and energy efficiency by state and congressional district. 
  • Digital Environmental Legislative Handbook: Use this compilation of legislation passed by all states. California is clearly leading.
  • 100 Resilient Cities: Information on how cities around the world become more resilient to the physical, social, and economic challenges that are a growing part of the 21st century. California member cities are Berkeley, Los Angeles, Oakland, and San Francisco.