Food, Soils, and Agriculture


The Issue

We need to drawdown CO2 from the atmosphere to avoid catastrophic climate change. Currently the most powerful tool to do that is to use natural systems – such as building healthy soils – to draw down and sequester CO2. Building healthy soil can be done at scales ranging from your garden to major agriculture.

What We Can Do

Education on healthy soils, such as the webinar here (scroll down a bit), collaboration with other groups, gardens, or businesses, demonstration sites, and lobbying legislators are all helpful.

Who’s Working on It

The League of Mendocino County is leading the pack. They have held events to foster collaboration and education, are coordinating with other organizations and businesses in the area and communicating with legislators. Other Leagues doing education are Palo Alto, San Jose-Santa Clara, and Berkeley-Albany-Emeryville.

Expanding to National

We are growing our awareness to the national level with addition of interested League members from across the U.S..  States represented are shown in the figure.