Government Reform

Reforms to California’s government are being proposed by legislators, citizens, and a number of political groups. Changes to the budgeting process, term limits, the initiative process, and revenue policies are among the ideas being considered. Most reforms would require an amendment to the Constitution. A number of groups are proposing constitutional reform through a constitutional convention or packages of reform measures through the initiative process. 

Constitutional Reform

A number of groups are seeking change in California’s constitution. Visit these Web sites to learn about the various methods they recommend and the subjects they propose to tackle. While we do not endorse any particular route to reform, we believe it is important to participate in the public discussion.

  • California Forward has proposals for reforming the state’s budget and fiscal systems and the relationship between state and local government.
  • Cities, Counties, and Schools Partnership held a summit on Rebuilding California: From the Ground Up. Read their resource materials and summary report.
  • The state legislature has announced select committees to look for ways to make state government more effective.

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