California State Budget

Diagrams of the State Budget Process

An up-to-date explanation of the state budget from CalMatters — where the money comes from, where it goes, and problems we face. 

A clear diagram and explanation of the budget process from CSU Chico. It was created before Proposition 25 made the budget a simple majority vote of the legislature for the budget. In addition, since the passage of Proposition 25, the budget has not been late.The publications from the Legislative Analyst’s Office are either no longer published, or are published in shorter versions. Finally, the recent  budget conference committees have been more than the members from each house.

The diagram from the Department of Finance is more up to date, but not quite as clear. However, it also refers to old publications from the Legislative Analyst.

Other Information on the State Budget

The Legislative Analyst has helpful videos of key California budget topics.

California State Budget resources:

Governor’s Budget Issues Web page

Additional materials:

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