Initiative and Referendum

Learn more about LWV California's and the National League's position and research on this issue.



The LWVC just completed an update study of the initiative and referendum process in California.  As a result of the study, the League adopted an updated position.

What is a study?

Learn more about what studies are and why we do them on our issues page.

What is the Initiative and Referendum Study?

Visit the Initiative and Referendum Study page for more information. Members have access to a more detailed page of initiative and referendum resources on our members only site (contact us if you are a member and don't know how to access our members only site).

We also have a Facebook group for this study, which members and the public are invited to join.

Contact Us for More Information

Please contact Helen Hutchison for more information.

More Resources

The PPIC released a report on a recent poll about the initiative process in California. Download the report and view a video of a discussion here.