Did you know?


League of Women Voters of California Education Fund 2020 Graphic

As we near the end of 2020, we have seen just how fragile our democracy can be, and how critical every vote is in the process. Some elections across the country were decided by as few as 6 votes! If people did not believe their vote was consequential, or could change the course of events, 2020 has been a reminder that is not true. And your support made it possible for Californians to confidently vote in record numbers.

Together this year, we empowered Californians to exercise their voice to vote and to defend our democracy. Did you know that the LWVC Education Fund:

  • Reached 300% more voters in the 2020 election cycle than in the previous cycles
  • Empowered nearly 2 million Californians, that’s 1 in 10 voters, to feel confident in their votes and increase participation in down ballot voting through Voter’s Edge, a joint project of the LWVC and Maplight
  • Distributed 175,000 copies of the Easy Voter Guide, in 5 languages, to Californians seeking to understand the ballot measures
  • Modernized our youth outreach, reaching over 6 million people in a youth get out the vote campaign run on Snapchat and TikTok
  • Had over a million visitors to the LWVC websites where voters found Pros & Cons and other valuable educational resources
  • Partnered on ElectJusticeCA.org to help voters understand that their voice of protest in the streets is also powerful at the ballot box

Voter turnout in California was 80.67% the highest it has been since 1976 - and the work we did together to empower 300% more voters than in either of the past two elections was instrumental in building voter confidence. Please make a gift today, so we can continue this work.

Our work is not done, and is more important than ever. We need your support today.

As we look ahead into 2021, together we will be focusing on people powered redistricting to ensure that gerrymandered voter suppression is eradicated and that California’s people and communities are integral to, and engaged in redistricting processes.

We cannot do it without you. Your end of year donation to the League of Women Voters of California Education fund is tax deductible. We do all of our work together, and by making a generous gift today, you can ensure that California continues to lead the way in eliminating voter suppression, empowering voters, and defending democracy.