How is democracy working for you?


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Let’s make democracy work for everyone! It’s not an easy task. 2016 may well be remembered as the year memes replaced journalism and threats and insults replaced political debate.

In the lead up to this election, we did our best to help you cut through the misleading clutter of biased advertising and the endless social media rants—providing unbiased, easy to understand information about the issues.  

Now we need your support. Help us fight back in 2017!   

Please donate $25 or more and ensure the League continues to be California's most trusted source for unbiased election information.  

This year millions of Californians just like you, relied on the League’s Pros & Cons, multilingual Easy Voter Guides, and Voter's Edge California to cast an informed vote in local, state and national races.  Just listen to what voters had to say.  

"This voter guide consolidating all of the information is the best I have seen. I feel for the first time that I could be more than a causally informed voter."
Thank you, Scott, Nevada County

GIVE TODAY to support and defend our neighbors, and our democracy.


Helen Hutchison
President, LWVC