Studies (whether national, state, or local) are a defined process lasting one to three years, during which we undertake thorough pursuit of facts and details, both positive and negative. Study committee members fashion consensus questions that are then asked of the membership as part of a study kit. Consensus is the overall decision-making process by which substantial agreement among members is reached on an issue. If the members reach consensus, the board forms positions based on that consensus. It is the consensus statement - the statement resulting from the consensus questions - that becomes a "position." Firm action can then be taken on the particular issue addressed by the position. Without a position, action can not be taken on that issue.

We have extensive resources about studies, consensus, positions, and taking action for members on our members only website. We also offer this short (2 page) article about how we take action. To see studies from all across the country, visit the National Study Clearinghouse.

Public Higher Education 2013-16

We are pleased to announce our new position on Public Higher Education: You can read all about it here.

The League of Women Voters of California is pleased to share the full study materials about Public Higher Education in California with our members, students, and friends. We encourage California’s college students to learn about the League, learn about the issues, and let the LWVC know your thoughts by answering the consensus questions. A special portal has been provided for your answers.

The study scope is to examine access to quality public higher education including funding, affordability, preparedness, equity, and opportunities and barriers to student success. Understanding these issues and their importance is essential for both the membership of LWVC and all residents of California.

The League encourages all interested community members to join their local Leagues and participate in the study sessions being held in Leagues across the state in the next few months. The consensus reached as a result of these meetings will inform LWVC positions on policy and legislation in future years.

What is this study?

This study was proposed on the floor of Convention 2013. After a period to develop a scope and appoint the study committee, the state study is officially underway as a result of board approval at our January 2014 board meeting.

If you are a student group, see Higher Education Study Information for Students.

The Higher Education Study Committee has completed and posted the following materials.

Study Materials

  • Leader's Guide: available for League members
  • Consensus response forms for League members and students

For our members: Join the discussion »

Additional materials: 
PDF icon Consensus Questions251.77 KB
PDF icon Study Guide2.33 MB