Resources for Partners

The LWVC partners with organizations across the state including local Leagues, and other state and local community-based organizations. We believe that it is critical that we share the toolkits and similar resources we create with partners, so that as a movement, we can depend on each other and we do not all have to recreate everything.

Our collective resources will go farther to making an impact when we collaborate and share. These resources are available to any of our partners who might find them useful in their work to create a more equitable and representative California.

Voter's Choice Act Outreach Toolkit, voting, California, VCA, vote centers, cavotes

Voter’s Choice Act Toolkit

The Voter’s Choice Act Toolkit has been updated to reflect changes in voting due to COVID-19. The toolkit includes a cover letter with updates and a chart outlining changes in VCA counties. Additional resources, like the Voting Location Siting Tool, have been added to the toolkit. The updated toolkit is intended to help voters in the 15 VCA counties learn about new voting options.

Voting in California Jails Toolkit

The ACLU of California has partnered with various organizations to release a toolkit to help create or expand voter registration and turnout programs in California’s jails. The toolkit aims to break down barriers to democracy for the roughly 82,000 people in California’s jails who are eligible to vote but face obstacles. The toolkit provides strategies for county elections offices, sheriffs, and community advocates. Learn more at

Voter's Choice Act Outreach Toolkit, voting, California, VCA, vote centers, cavotes
Racial Justice Act (California) Community Implementation

Racial Justice Act Community Implementation

The California Racial Justice Act prohibits criminal convictions and sentences based on race, ethnicity, or national origin. It addresses intentional bias, racially coded language, and disparities in charges, convictions, and sentences. Defendants can file a motion challenging discrimination, and if proven, the case will be retried or charges/sentencing adjusted. A recent community training webinar explains the implementation of the act in California.