Position on Agriculture (State)

State or National:


Position in Brief:

Support policies that recognize agricultural land as a limited resource that must be preserved for the economic and physical well-being of California and the nation. Appropriate agricultural land should be identified and its long term protection should be based on regulatory and incentive programs that include comprehensive planning, zoning measures and other preservation techniques. State policy that affects agriculture should ensure the conservation of soil and water resources through incentives coupled with penalties for noncompliance.


Agricultural Land Preservation Positions

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  1. Appropriate land should be identified and held for agriculture.
  2. The identification of agricultural land should be based on criteria that include a sustainable water supply, the best combination of physical and chemical characteristics and soil factors, and the threat of urbanization.
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  3. The state should provide a policy, plan and guidelines for the long-term protection of agricultural land that require:
    1. comprehensive planning;
    2. mandatory agricultural element in general plans;
    3. agricultural zoning;
    4. citizen participation.
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  4. Techniques for preserving agricultural land should include tax relief, tax incentives, and “less-than-fee” purchase of development interests in farmland.

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Soil and Water Conservation Positions

  1. Soil and water conservation are essential elements in land management practices.
  2. Financial and technical assistance should require best management practices for soil and water conservation.
  3. Incentives should be provided to promote soil and water conservation.
  4. Water conservation must be a condition placed on the delivery and use of water for agriculture.*
  5. California should have a state wide program for groundwater management.*
  6. Inter-basin transfer of water should be available only after conservation measures have been implemented.*

*See State Water Position

Position History:

Adopted 1983; Amended 2015; Readopted at last convention