Position on Electoral Process

State or National:


Position in Brief:

Support electoral systems at each level of government that encourage participation, are verifiable and auditable and enhance representation for all voters. 


LWVC promotes an open governmental system that is representative, accountable and responsive. We encourage electoral methods that provide the broadest voter representation possible. Whether for single or multiple winner contests, the League supports electoral methods that:

  • Encourage voter participation and voter engagement
  • Encourage those with minority opinions to participate, including under-represented communities
  • Are verifiable and auditable
  • Promote access to voting
  • Maximize effective votes/minimize “wasted” votes
  • Promote sincere voting over strategic voting
  • Require the winner to receive a majority of the votes for executive and single seat offices
  • Are compatible with acceptable ballot-casting methods, including vote-by-mail 

The LWVC believes in representative government. The League supports electoral systems that elect policy-making bodies–-legislatures, councils, commissions, and boards—that proportionally reflect the people they represent. We support systems that inhibit political manipulation (e.g. gerrymandering). The LWVC supports enabling legislation to allow local jurisdictions to explore alternative electoral methods, as well as supporting state election laws allowing for more options at both the state and local levels. With the adoption of any electoral system, the League believes that education of the voting public is important and funding for startup and voter education should be available. We encourage a concerted voter education process.

Position History:

Adopted 2001; Amended 2003 and 2011; Readopted at the last convention. Amended 2019 Convention.