Position on Intergovernmental Relationships

State or National:


Position in Brief:

Support an efficient, effective and equitable balance of responsibility and authority among the levels of government with accountability to the public.


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  1. A rational organization of powers and functions of the several levels of government:
    1. based on economic efficiency, administrative effectiveness, political accountability, and fiscal equity.
    2. determined by a process of review and recommendation that provides for both local and statewide representation.
    3. providing for consolidation of functions between and among levels of government to deal with area-wide problems, and to achieve cost savings that will not adversely affect, and wherever possible will improve, the quality of service.
  2. Flexibility for local governments when administering state authorized and/or funded programs to determine needs, priorities, and the use of funds, consistent with state program objectives.
  3. Clear definition of legislative intent in state funded programs, including any provision for review or termination.
  4. Procedures for state review and local accountability that are based on
    1. periodic review and evaluation of regulations.
    2. reasonable reporting requirements.
    3. appropriate, coordinated, and non-duplicative accounting and auditing procedures.
  5. Applications for federal funds that are consistent with state and local priorities, when not in conflict with national goals and that consider the dependability and continuity of funding.
  6. Easy identification of all federal funds in state and local budgets.
  7. Active participation by the public in state and local government, which entails the right and responsibility to be informed, to be heard, and to be involved not only in, but beyond elections and which requires that officials make decisions openly and that they provide broadly publicized, convenient opportunities for participation by the public in the process.

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Position History:

Adopted 1981; Readopted at the last convention