Position on Money in Politics (State)

State or National:


Position in Brief:

Support state campaign finance practices for candidates and advocates of ballot measure positions that will ensure full disclosure of campaign contributions and expenditures and enable candidates to compete more equitably for public office.


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  1. Public reporting of campaign contributions and expenditures by all candidates and advocates of ballot measure positions in statewide elections.
  2. Effective monitoring and enforcement.
  3. Measures that will broaden the base of campaign financing, including tax credits/deductions for those who contribute to political parties, candidates, and ballot measure campaigns and some public financing to candidates for state office through an “income tax check-off” system and direct government appropriations. Public funding measures should include realistic limits on contributions and expenditures.
  4. Realistic limits on contributions by individuals and groups to candidates and ballot measure campaigns.
  5. Realistic limits on the amount each candidate and ballot measure committee can spend.
  6. A requirement that each candidate have one central committee responsible for coordinating, controlling, and reporting all contributions and expenditures.
  7. Government provision of services for the voter, such as voter registration and distribution of information on candidates and issues.
  8. Measures that will limit or shorten the length of campaigns.

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Position History:

Adopted 1973; Updated 1976; Readopted at the last convention