Position on Children at Risk

State or National:


Position in Brief:

Support policies and programs that promote the well-being, development and safety of all children.

Position on Early Intervention for Children at Risk

Statement of Position on Early Intervention for Children at Risk, as Adopted by the 1994 Convention:

The League of Women Voters of the United States believes that early intervention and prevention measures are effective in helping children reach their full potential. The League supports policies and programs at all levels of the community and government that promote the well-being, encourage the full development and ensure the safety of all children. These include:

  • child abuse/neglect prevention;child abuse/neglect prevention;
  • teen pregnancy prevention;
  • quality health care, including nutrition and prenatal care;
  • early childhood education;
  • developmental services, emphasizing children ages 0-3;
  • family support services;
  • violence prevention.

The League’s History on Early Intervention for Children at Risk

The position on Early Intervention for Children at Risk was adopted by concurrence at Convention 1994; it was based on state and local League work.

In 1995, the LWVEF published a comprehensive kit, designed to help Leagues and other groups advocate and work for children in their communities. In June 1996, the League endorsed the Stand for Children, a national day of commitment to improving the lives of children throughout the country.