Position on Redistricting California


State or National: 
Position in Brief: 

Support a state redistricting process and standards that promote fair and effective representation in the state legislature and in the house of representatives with maximum opportunity for public scrutiny.

Support an independent commission as the preferred redistricting body.



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  1. The redistricting process, regardless of who has responsibility for redistricting, should include:
    1. specific time lines for the steps leading to adoption of the redistricting plan;
    2. public hearings on the plan proposed for adoption;
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    3. an automatic non-judicial backup procedure in the event of deadlock; d. a requirement that any redistricting plan drawn by the legislature be adopted by more than a simple majority vote.
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  2. The standards on which a redistricting plan is based, regardless of who has responsibility for redistricting,
    1. should include:
      1. substantially equal population;
      2. geographic contiguity;
      3. protection from diluting the voting strength of a racial or linguistic minority;
    2. should not allow:
      1. the goal of protecting incumbents;
      2. preferential treatment of one political party;
    3. to the extent possible, standards should also include:
      1. respect for boundaries of cities and counties;
      2. preservation and protection of "communities of interest."

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  3. Responsibility for redistricting preferably should be vested in an independent special commission, with membership that includes citizens at large, representatives of public interest groups, and minority group interests.
  4. A legislative remedy should be provided so that all persons are represented by a state senator for whom they have had an opportunity to vote.
Position History: 

Adopted 1988; Amended 2007;