Position on Solid Waste

State or National:


Position in Brief:

Support measures to ensure environmentally sound and efficient solid waste management, to reduce the generation of wastes, to encourage resource recovery, and to increase the demand for secondary materials.


Waste Management

  1. The state should establish standards for collection and standards for regulations for disposal.
  2. The state should provide financial assistance to local governments for disposal facilities.
  3. The state should provide technical and financial assistance for research and development of improved collection and disposal methods.
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  4. Local government should be concerned primarily with collection and disposal, subject to state standards and regulations.
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  5. Regional solutions for solid waste disposal and recycling should be encouraged.
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    Resource Recovery –Begin vertical–
  6. The primary goal of recycling is to forestall depletion of non-renewable natural resources.
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  7. Tax treatment should be equalized between virgin and secondary materials.
  8. The state should adopt specifications for products of reclaimed materials and should increase its own purchase of such materials.
  9. The state should provide supplemental financing for recycling facilities.
    Public Education –Begin vertical–
  10. All levels of government should encourage and support education on these issues.
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Position History:

Adopted 1973; Readopted at the last convention