Position on Voting Rights (State)

State or National:


Position in Brief:

Support measures that will protect every citizen’s right to vote and ensure government’s responsibility to protect this right through regulations and procedures that encourage an informed and active electorate.


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  1. California should retain voter registration in order to identify the voter and facilitate orderly elections.
  2. There should be a system of permanent registration.
  3. There should be ease of registration and re-registration.
  4. Citizenship, age, and residency should be reasonable requirements of registration.
  5. Election services that safeguard the voting process should be maintained.
  6. Persons not literate should be provided the opportunity to vote and permitted to have assistance. Non-English-speaking citizens should be provided the opportunity to vote.
  7. The voter should be provided with relevant, accurate and easily understandable information on elections, election issues, and candidates.
  8. There should be local options in implementing the State Election Code but the state should take a stronger role in encouraging the facilitation of registration and voting.

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Position History:

Adopted 1972; Reviewed 1986; Readopted at the last convention