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Sacramento, CA - A new report issued August 18, 2014 by the California Voter Foundation (CVF) finds that the top three reasons why some ballots go uncounted in three counties studied are that they are received too late, lack the voter's signature, or the signature on the ballot envelope does not sufficiently compare to the one on file. 


The report is online at





Why Does Civic Learning Matter?

It is essential that the youth of today learn early on how to live in society. They must learn to speak up. They must learn to understand and appreciate the views of others. They must learn how to reach consensus and implement decisions. It is not enough for them to be lectured to; they must get hands-on experience. This is why youth civic learning for is so important to the League.



Vote with the League! Yes on Props 41 & 42

You can make a difference! Be sure to vote in the statewide election on June 3.


May 14, 2014--Today the Governor signed Senate Bill 27 (Correa), which will help ensure that campaign contributors can no longer use "dark money" loopholes to avoid disclosure. California voters will be better able to follow the money in campaigns and make more informed decisions at the polls. Many thanks to the many League members and others who supported this important bill! 

Californians were shocked by an $11 million contribution to a ballot measure campaign shortly before the November 2012 election -- and the true sources of the money have still not been fully disclosed. 


Through a settlement just announced, millions of Californians who have applied for health benefits through the state health exchange, Covered California, will be mailed a voter registration card, and the opportunity to register to vote will be integrated into future applications.


Joanne was an inspiring leader and we are grateful for her dedicated service to the League and California. We encourage you to make donations in her honor and we will send gift acknowledgement cards to her family.

You can read more about Joanne's legacy.

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Now more than ever, Americans are hungry for factual, nonpartisan information that is free of propaganda. Because of our reputation for empowering voters with unbiased resources, we are increasingly being called upon to make sure elections are open and accessible to all Californians. Donate today to help us prepare for 2020!

Public Statement
California Votes for Women

On Nov 9, enjoy a day of festivities marking the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment’s ratification in California with presentation by LWVC president Carol Moon Goldberg

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ACA 6 victory

The amendment would restore voting rights to nearly 50,000 Californians on parole.

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The People Powered Fair Maps Campaign, LWV, redistricting, gerrymandering

The People Powered Fair Maps Campaign Will Create Fair Redistricting Across America